Vending machines

We provide components and spare parts for vending machines for drinks, snacks, and other items. We cater to the OEM market, as well as supply replacement components for vending machine operators.


CD Display solutions are designed specifically for the manufacturers of vending machines. They enable the user to select drinks, snacks, or other items by tapping and browsing on a touch screen. Our touch screens come in a wide variety of sizes and (customized) solutions.

Cash handling

Our portfolio includes cash handling components like banknote validators, banknote recyclers, multi-coin hoppers and ticketing products. We also supply spare parts for these product groups and components for cashless payments. If necessary, we can provide refurbished bill validators on request.


We supply a wide range of cylinder locks specifically for vending machines, including reprogrammable Rielda locks in a wide range of sizes. We also help operators in finding the right lock for their machine, varying in safety and application, for example as keyed-alike or keyed-different. We can provide keyed-alike locks with a custom serial number which are always available for re-order.