About us

We are a distributor of components and spare parts for various industries including gaming and amusement, sports betting, vending, retail kiosk and industrial.
What sets us apart is the combination of highest quality components, extensive experience, and a commitment to our clients and their business.


Leading distributor of components for automated service delivery

Gaming & Amusement

We provide all of the main gaming machine components for land-based casinos, gaming arcades and OEMs.


We provide components and spare parts for the vending machines for drinks, snacks, and other items.

Sports Betting

We offer high-quality components for all types of sports betting terminals and sports betting operators.

Retail Kiosk and Self Service

Components for all levels of self service and retail terminals for hospitality, airports, and similar venues.


We also cater any manufacturer that require locks, displays or other cabinet parts.


Thanks to our wide network of partners, we are able to procure components for different uses in line with particular requirements.