Sports Betting

We offer support and distribution in the latest high-quality components for the sports betting operators and all types of sports betting terminals. Apart from the main product categories listed below, we can also procure any other items related to the automated sports betting delivery.


CD Display Solutions are designed for manufacturers of sports betting terminals. They include full open-frame variations for your cabinet, desktops, and all-in-one solutions (with PC integration) to be installed on a counter or a table. We also offer display panels and A/D board kits, as well as (customized) touch screen solutions. A selection of displays from other brands and partners is also available.

Cash handling

Our portfolio includes cash handling components like banknote validators, banknote recyclers, multi-coin hoppers and ticketing products. We also supply spare parts for these product groups and components for cashless payments. If necessary, we can provide refurbished bill validators on request.

Barcode scanners

We are able to supply different OEM scan engines as well as stationary or handheld code scanners for the sports betting operators and all types of sports betting terminals in line with the customer requirements.


We supply a wide range of cylinder locks, specifically for sports betting terminals. We also help operators in finding the right lock for their machine, varying in safety and applications, for example as keyed-alike or keyed-different. We can provide keyed-alike locks with a custom serial number which are always available for re-order.

Cabinet parts

We supply a wide range of essential supplementary components that are necessary for the operation of sports betting terminals like push buttons, cashboxes, speakers and amplifiers from our own brand CDAudio Solutions, leg levellers, USB chargers, cooling fans, power supplies and components for the power entry. The portfolio consists of a selection of best-in-class solutions, as well as a wide variety of proprietary Compodis products.